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Hi there, I'm Jeraisy. Web/Media/UI Designer, Front End Developer and Motion Graphic Designer based in Dubai.

My main areas of work include marketing materials such as website design and development, flash presentation, interactive CD, motion graphics, brochure design, posters, banner displays, corporate branding, email newsletters, mobile application and search engine optimization. Professionally, I started life as a programmer in a IT industry, then moved in to graphic design which naturally lead to web design and now dynamic web development, so my day is often mixed between being creative and looking at pages of code.


some highlights of my portfolio

skills& Experience

I have the technical skills necessary and more importantly, the drive and ambition required to make every project a success.

Experience in Web Design, Flash animation, Actionscript, Print design, Motion Graphics, Front-End Development (HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript), Responsive Website, Content Management System (Joomla, Bigcommerce, Wordpress, Teamsite), Mobile Application and Framework (Phonegap, Nimblekit, jQuery Mobile, Framework7, Sencha, Foundation, 960 Grid)

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Email: jeraisyrevilla(at)gmail(dot)com
056 734 9982

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